Mark Adamy Band feat. Manolo Badrena

A signed copy of Mark Adamy’s CD sold for $150 at a
St. Patrick’s Day auction!
Mark played keyboards for upcoming episodes of the TV series “Love Monkey”, now owned by UPN.

Mark is going into the studio (Woodstock, NY, with David Sancious) shortly to record new tracks. These tracks should be mixed and mastered by late Spring. At this point, there will be be two new CD’s released, one intended specifically for the Contemporary Christian music market, the other in the pop/rock genre. Exciting stuff!

Mark is also beginning mixes for the new (singer/songwriter) Marcos DelAquila CD. Mark is the producer / arranger of this CD, scheduled for release in late Spring / early Summer. Featured musicians on the CD include (besides Marcos) Mark Adamy, Mark Ambrosino, Paul Adamy, Manolo Badrena, Chris Beisterfeldt, Joel Hoekstra ad others.

Also, Mark is in the process of producing several other fantastic artists, most of whom are singer/songwriters and one artist soon to be released (Mark is one of the producers/writers) on a major label.

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